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Supporting Organizations

The creation of long-term collaboration and partnerships with industry and other research communities is one of the major objectives of our research group. The goal of these partnerships is to develop innovative concepts, methodologies and algorithms as well as facilitate technology transfer and commercialization.

The MMSS research group work is sponsored by a variety of Canadian and foreign groups including NSERC, Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the Alberta Government IIPP Infrastructure Grant, the Geomatics for Informed Decisions Network (GEOIDE) Network of Centres of Excellence, the Alberta Energy Research Institute (AERI), the Alberta Innovation and Science Research Excellence Envelope (REE), Alberta Sustainable Development, Alberta Centre for Transportation Engineering & Planning (C-TEP), Batelle (US), the US Topographic Engineering Center, TECTERRA Centre for commercialization and Research. The groups’ research has also been sponsored by industrial groups such as Intermap (Canada), Applanix Corporation (Canada), Terramatics Inc. (Canada), NovAtel Inc. (Canada), KVH (USA), SiRF (USA), The British American Racing (UK), iMAR (Germany), AutoFlog (Germany), DOSSAN (Korea).